Introduction To Rotec's TBI (Throttle Body Injector)

TBI TracedRotec Aerosport are proud to announce the release of its Rotec TBI-40 fuel system.

The Rotec TBI-40 is the lightest, most compact and simple Throttle Body Injector on the market today, its unique fuel distribution system makes it a pleasure to set up and operate. With excellent power per CFM and with the smoothest mixture control gained via the leverage of a mechanical fuel injection bar.

Both the throttle body and remote fuel regulator are CNC machined from the highest grade aircraft Aluminium billet stock.

Fuel pressure and delivery are controlled via the Rotec "on demand" fuel pressure regulator which is connected to the inlet side of the throttle body and supplies the precise amount of fuel to the injector bar. This system is truly self regulating and is not affected by the fluctuation of fuel levels or pressures. One of engineering's few "elegant solutions" .

The superior atomisation of the fuel is easily observed and reflected in greater performance and economy. Regular carburetors do not atomise the fuel nearly as fine or as well. Ultra fine atomisation leads to the reduction of mixture temperature and as a result the density of the incoming charge is greater and more power packed. Put simply it burns better.

Also with the TBI-40's absence of any butterflies in the air stream the total wetted area and drag is greatly reduced, resulting in more throat area for the same size bore.

Another advantage of the slide throttle control is that unlike the butterfly valve, the fuel mixture is not deflected into the side walls of the inlet track where the mixture tends to accumulate and loose the benefit of fuel atomising, The Rotec TBI-40 does not deflect the mixture into the side wall and so the mixture remains freely and completely atomised.

The Rotec TBI-40 is easy to set up and can run a wide range of fuel pressure from 0.5 to 6.0 psi. It can even run in gravity fed mode too. The TBI-40 is of course not attitude sensitive as it has no float chamber so can run perfectly fine upside down!

Starting the engine from cold is simply a matter of depressing the diaphragm over ride button on the Rotec fuel supply regulator, this in effect gives the engine a squirt of fuel while cranking. Typical primer nozzles can also be utilized if the airframe has existing primer systems.

Idle speed is set via typical throttle aperture stop and bypass mixture screw which sets the idle fuel mixture.

Rotec Aerosport is offering the TBI-40 as an option over the regular Bing which is supplied as standard on theGunMetal Rotec R2800 and R3600 radials.

The Rotec TBI-40 is perfectly suitable for all Rotec radial engines and will attach to the typical Bing rubber coupling. This coupling makes the TBI-40 ideal for retrofitting many other engines including the Jabiru engine range for which it will retrofit directly. On request Rotec can supply a variety of custom engine couplings to suite any Experimental engine including Lycoming and Continental engines.

The slide throttle and mixture levers are controlled via typical Bowden push pull cables. The air cleaner side of the TBI-40 is of the standard aviation four bolt flange, designed to fit the standard range of aviation air intake ducting.

Rotec advise that carburetor heat is a mandatory requirement.

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